3D Home Tours: A Virtual Reality Real Estate Experience

3D Home Tours: A Virtual Reality Real Estate Experience

Bringing Virtual Reality to Real Estate- Matterport 3D Tours

Is your favorite part of your home the way the light hits the hand scraped wood floors in the entryway? Or is it the effortless flow from the kitchen to the living area to outdoor space that your home offers?  When you list your home for sale, you want potential buyers to see what you see.  You know the feeling you get when you walk through the front door of your home.  When you list your home for sale, the question becomes, how do you translate this feeling of home, to a one paragraph description and ten photos?

Photography and a description can capture many of your key selling features, but what they can’t explain is how everything connects to make it a home.  With over 90% of home buyers starting their search online, what is a seller to do?  Matterport 3D Tours have answered this conundrum with a fully immersive virtual reality experience.

What is Matterport?

Matterport 3D tours are a new virtual reality experience made for showcasing real estate.  The 3D experience allows potential buyers to see your home in its entirety down to the very last door knob.

As you can see, the level of detail in Matterport 3D spaces surpass the older 360-degree tours.  Matterport offers an immersive experience which allows potential buyers to walk through the home, step by step.  Also, the dollhouse view shows your entire home, allowing potential buyers to visual the flow of day to day living.

Everyone is Online: Stand Out from the Crowd

According to the Properties Online 2015 Real Estate Tech Trends report over 90% of buyers started their search online, and even more impressive, 44% found the home they purchased online.  Potential buyers can now search 1000s and 1000s of homes with just a few clicks.   So how do you ensure that your home stands out, by embracing the latest technology?  Listings with 3D tours have generated 97% more inquiries than those that do not offer a VR experience.

Why Matterport Works

Matterport works because it emotionally connects with buyers. Buyers can open the front door, imagine cooking in the kitchen as they watch their children play outside.  The result; there are over 1.2 million unique views of Matterport tours per month, these views have translated into over 80,000,000 in-person visits.

Matterport is for Listings of all Price Points

Matterport also works because it is not cost prohibitive.  Before Matterport introduced its $4,500 proprietary camera and software, a camera with similar capabilities cost $50,000.

Listings of all Pricepoints Shine:

Showcasing the Impeccable Details of a Multi-Million Dollar Custom Estate:

A Casita with as Much Outdoor Living as Indoor Space:

With the affordable cost for the 3D Matterport camera, many professional photographers in the Phoenix area are adding Matterport 3D tours to their service list.  Circular Worlds LLC is the only dedicated Matterport 3D Tour company in the Phoenix area. By hiring a professional that exclusively specializes in Matterport 3D Tours, this will ensure that you receive a quality return for your investment.

List your Home with Matterport

If you are thinking of selling your Phoenix area home contact Wende Bartolomeo.  Wende is focused on providing excellent real estate services, focused on her clients’ dreams & goals, using tech-savvy marketing & detailed, deal-structuring negotiating skills.  She will walk you through the process of listing your home and the best marketing strategy for your property.  Contact Wende Bartolomeo today.

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