How To Get Your Home Ready For Sale This Summer

How To Get Your Home Ready For Sale This Summer

It seems like we will be having an early summer this year with temperatures already hitting 100 in the Phoenix area.  Summer is quickly approaching!  The summer months offer home owners a great stretch of time to get their home in great shape, in case they want to sell in the near future.  Check out some great ways to add to your curb appeal:

First and Foremost, De-Clutter and Get Organized.

You want to take time to de-clutter and get organized.  This is one of the best ways to make your life less stressful, make your home run smoothly and make your home stand out if you choose to put it on the market.  Then it just takes 15 minutes a day to keep it that way, right? Right! (For tips on how to keep organized, visit

Make the Front Yard Stand Out 

When you have listed your home for sale, it is even more imperative that your front yard looks its best at all times. Make sure shrubs are trimmed and everything is in it’s place. Add some color with a big planter (or two) and fill them up with beautiful, colorful flowers.

Extra tip: If you have grass and it’s closer to the color of dirt than grass, you may want to consider a different plan. At minimum you may want to invest a little time in getting proposals for new plans that a buyer may consider when touring your home or you may want to provide renditions of some possibilities.  By using a professional Realtor, you will have many ideas provided to you so your home will show in the best light and be sold for top dollar.

Put Some Pressure on the Driveway and Walkway

All driveways and walkways suffer from the elements throughout the year. This can make them look dingy and unattractive. Rent or buy a pressure washer to wash off the concrete driveway and walkway. Some people simply like to use the water alone while others look for special cleaning agents designed specifically for concrete.

Extra tip; avoid using the pressure washer on windows or doors. The pressure could cause a crack or even cause a break.

Separate the Door with Paint

Home owners like to put a new coat of paint on the front door. Pick a color that complements the color scheme of the home but also makes the door stand out. For example, a home that has a dull yellow color for siding might have a dark or beautiful red color for the door.

Extra tip: Besides painting the door, consider adding new house numbers near the door. Large, brass numbers or white numbers will also look nice with the fresh appearance of the door.  Potted plants are always a nice touch, too.

De-Clutter the Driveway

Most of us get in a well-worn rut when it comes to how we store things around a home. Now is the time to make new habits of making sure the front of your home is sparkling.

Find an out-of-the-way spot to stash the garbage can. If you have a spot away from home, put the older car there until the home sells.

Take Care of the Garden

A clean and vibrant garden bed can portray a positive image of your home and attract others that share the same love of foliage. Take some extra time to get your flowers in top shape.

Make a trip to the nearest garden store and pick up some nice annuals. These flowers are often available in bloom so that you simply have to plant them and admire the colors. Annuals are usually reasonably priced compared to other flowers and will hold their bloom for a considerable time. Start with the simple stuff, such as getting rid of weeds and taking out any unwanted things like twigs, leaves or trash.

Brighten up with New Lights

Fresh, new light fixtures can really make the exterior of a home look nice. Many homes are built with inexpensive fixtures that simply get the job done. New fixtures, with clear domes and new bulbs will light up the outside and have a beautiful appearance for potential buyers that check out the home after work.

If you are handy and feel like replacing the fixtures on your own, make sure the proper electrical breaker is shut off before doing any type of work with the wires.

Another option is to get some exterior grade spray paint and re-paint the existing fixtures. Painting the light fixtures a neutral color, such as black, silver, or white, can add a new look for a very small price.

Extra tip: Compare costs and stay within your budget for this project. A single can of outdoor spray paint will likely cost $5 to $8. On the other hand, one new light fixture could cost as much as $30.

Multiple Views

This may seem obvious, but if people cannot see the home easily from the road then they will not get a good first impression of your property. Take a few moments and look at your home from across the street at multiple angles. Look at the trees and shrubs around the home. If anything detracts from the view of the home, you need to trim it, clean it up or get rid of it.

When trimming the shrubs take care that you trim them so your landscaping is visually appealing.  If you are not able to reach the higher limbs on trees, or the limbs are rather thick, consider hiring a landscaper. Climbing ladders and using high powered equipment can be rather dangerous.

Extra tip: If you have high branches that look relatively thin and easy to cut, get a pole pruner from a local hardware store. These tools are long poles with a saw blade on the end designed to cut limbs as high as 10 to 12 feet off the ground.

Shine up the Windows

With the wind and dust, the exterior of a home can have quite a bit of dirt packed up on it, especially around the windows. Cleaning all of the exterior faces of the windows can add a nice shine to the home. Make sure to clean the inside of the windows too.

Be careful cleaning the higher windows if you have to use a ladder and hire a window cleaning service, if needed.

More Costly But Important Projects

The previous items were mostly do-it-yourself projects that can be accomplished with a little time and inexpensive products. The following items may not all be necessary for your home but maybe one or two of them could add some extra pop to your home and help it sell faster.

Redo the Trim Paint

While it may not be necessary to repaint the entire exterior of the home, the trim may need a freshened up. Consider repainting the trim in a color that will accent the home’s primary color and will also look good with the front door.

Extra tip: If you live within a HOA, be sure to contact them for pre-approval on the color that you choose.

Freshen Up the Front Porch

If you have a traditional gray front porch, or some other generic concrete color, consider adding tile to the porch. This can really make your home stand out from the other properties in your market. If you are the do-it-yourself type of person, you could handle this task along with the front door and the trim work. Just be sure to take necessary precautions around the paint fumes as explained on the paint can.

Service the Air Conditioner

While this does not exactly fall in the category of summer curb appeal, it is definitely a good idea to service the air conditioner before the high heat of summer arrives. Replace the filters, clean out the filter guard and maybe even hire a professional to provide an overall tune-up of your air conditioning system.

Extra tip:  HVAC problems are no fun to endure as you are selling your home and getting ready to move.  The added expense (which is usually a major expense) can really put a damper on the entire experience.  Be sure to speak with your professional Realtor about a Seller’s Home Warranty which will protect you from these astronomical repair or replacement expenses as you are selling your home.

Freshen or Replace the Window Coverings

Many blinds are now made of inexpensive plastic or faux wood. These items can fade over time and look dreary. Consider removing them and then spray painting them to give them a fresh look and add to the overall appeal of the home or you may want to consider replacing them with draperies for a designer look.


If you’d like to get some feedback on items that may need freshened up or replaced prior to your home going on the market, give us a call at (480)433-9949 and we would be happy to provide you with our professional opinion.  We look forward to helping you get top dollar for your home!

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